"Mrs. Jack Gardner is one of the seven wonders of Boston. There is nobody like her in any city in this country. She is a millionaire Bohemienne. She is the leader of the smart set, but she often leads where none dare follow… She imitates nobody; everything she does is novel and original."
Isabella Stewart Gardner emerged as a sought-after hostess in the late 1860s, entertaining artists, writers, and musicians frequently. Her at times scandalous participation in social affairs shocked Boston’s conservative Brahmin society and she garnered a reputation as an eccentric: quite the opposite of what was expected of proper Victorian ladies. 

Mrs. Gardner hosted dinner parties, salons, and lectures in her Beacon Street home, a tradition she would continue when her Museum was completed. Inspired by the lively, social legacy of this wondrous Bostonianne, we present this collection of gifts curated for entertaining and hosting in the present day--with a Gardner twist, of course!