Two Friends Chocolate

Lala and Neethu—engineers, chocolate lovers, and best friends—are the hands and spirit behind these chocolates. Their business was born after decades of friendship when the sweeter friend among the two set out to recreate a much-loved chocolate experience.

The Two Friends are inspired by little knick-knacks from their lives—from the aromatic kitchens the friends awoke to in their childhood in India, to the bustling weekends in the charming Scottish town they called home for over half a decade, to the smoky scent of a bonfire at the two friends' home in Boxborough, MA.

Gift collaborated with Two Friends to create a line of Courtyard Confections. After researching the edible flowers that appear in the Courtyard, Two Friends sourced ingredients that reflect the flowers on display and created custom blended chocolate bars for the Gardner. The bars are hand-wrapped in letterpress paper from Florence, Italy.