Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel Magnet

Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel
about 1629-1630
Peter Paul Rubens (Siegen, Germany, 1577 - 1640, Antwerp, Belgium) Flemish

Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel (1585-1646), was one of the greatest connoisseurs and collectors of the seventeenth century. As a young man, he traveled to Flanders, where he first met Peter Paul Rubens, and to Italy, where he amassed a remarkable collection both of modern paintings and drawings, and of ancient sculpture. Arundel enjoyed a distinguished career as a diplomat and statesman in the service of Charles I until he suffered a humiliating defeat as general in 1638. He retired to the Netherlands shortly thereafter, and died in Italy in 1646.

3.5 x 2.5 inches
Made in the USA