Yuan Eden Dish Set

The Yuan Eden Dish Set's unique shape pays homage to the famous Asian vase of the same name, but its graphic content is a different story...

The Yuan Eden Dish Set tells the story of an enchanting garden with mysterious golden fruit, where tiny white butterflies invite us to go astray. With each fluttering of the eyelashes, the butterflies' wing beckons us to fly over bodies, to delicately caress fruit and bare skin.

Once split, the subtle china cabinet, made of plates and salad bowls, immerses guests in a familiar mythology. The Yuan Eden Dish Set is practical, playful, and poetic, and above all, it is a pleasure for the eyes!

To learn more about the use and function of the Yuan Eden Dish Set, watch the video below!
Measures 1 11.81" x 9.84"
Made of melamine
Made in Thailand