Serpentine Floral Black Sheer Crew Socks

Sock Candy is a fashion-sock line that celebrates unconventional personal style. Created by former fashion influencer Mary Gui, Sock Candy is inspired by whimsical prints, bold colors, and quirky combinations. Designed to be paired with sandals and heels, our funky yet elegant socks are meant to be eye candy and feature one-of-a-kind prints with high-quality mercerized and combed cotton.

Something witchy this way comes with the Serpentine Floral Black Sheer Crew Socks, inspired by a striking textile traditionally used in interior design. Dusty pink, burgundy, and green snakes slither their way up the feet for a sultry vibe, while vintage florals add a feminine touch.

One Size. Recommended fit US W5.5-10
Made of 54% Nylon, 45% Combed Cotton, 1% Lycra