Full Medusa Mosaic Trivet

In 1892, an ancient villa was discovered just north of Rome, near the villa of Augustus’s wife, Livia. Several well-preserved mosaic floors adorned the baths of the villa. Jack and Isabella Gardner inspected the mosaics in 1895 and purchased this floor in 1897. The delicate tracery of this mosaic resembles those made in Pompeii around 25 AD (the late second or third style), but brick stamps indicate that it was laid a century later, during the reign of Emperor Hadrian.

Inspired by a work that now lies in the very heart of the Museum, this trivet featuring the full Courtyard Mosaic is sure to be a touchstone for your experience at the Gardner.

Trivet edges are weathered as part of the design.

Crafted from Italian marble and heat-resistant cork backing
8 x 8 inches
Made in the USA