Madam and Eve: Women Portraying Women

This book is about how women artists have depicted women in art over the last 30-40 years. It is not a feminist diatribe but a rich, varied and exciting overview of the many different media and approaches that women have used to create images of themselves and other women that are different from the ways in which male artists perceive and have depicted women in art.

There are six chapters beginning with an "historic" chapter starting in the 1970s which sets the artistic and cultural context for the period that followed up to the present. The remaining chapters cover the themes of life, death, body/self, icons and story.

Each of the 200 women artists is represented by one work of art. There is an international mix of artists, ranging from the well established to the lesser known. The result is a visually stimulating and eloquent book.

By Liz Rideal & Kathleen Soriano
240 pages
Published by Laurence King, 2018

11.5 x 8.3 inches