The Little Book of Angels

Angels—those powerful, radiant, and winged heavenly hosts—descend to Earth to deliver important news, perch on our shoulders to murmur advice, stand vigil while we sleep, and guide us when we've lost our way.

This treasure of a book is an ode to angels in their many forms. The stories of angels as divine messengers, faithful guardians, and mystical celestial beings offer readers inspiration and comfort. The wonders of these enigmatic celestial beings are revealed in The Little Book of Angels through stories, legends, poems, and prayers about angels throughout time and faiths. 

Beautifully illustrated with color lithographs from missals and prayer books, and elegantly packaged with a padded cover, gilded edges, and a ribbon marker, 
The Little Book of Angels makes a special gift for any religious or spiritual occasion—or for anyone who would welcome an angel to help guide their way.

By Christine Barrely
176 pages
Published by Chronicle Books, 2013
4.2 x 1 x 6.2 inches