Boreal: Edible Flower Petals

At its essence, Boreale reflects a cold, polar atmosphere evocative of the northern hemisphere. A frozen sky where the night sky and beams of light merge. Symbolized by interlacing ancient rose petals and whole mallow flowers, Boreale is a perfect union both in taste and appearance.

Rose petals: The flower of lovers, from the rosaceae family, is widely known for its beauty, its haunting fragrance, and its symbolism. Our pale-colored ancient rose petals will bring a romantic and glamorous touch to your creations.

Mallow flowers: Mallow, on the other hand, is part of the malavceae family. Its violet-colored petals express the depth of our feelings and our admiration for someone. Its green calyx adds the finishing touch to the picture.

Their union:
Their sweet taste and low bitterness will enhance your creations without changing their flavors. A discreet and refined touch of charm.

While Boreale can be used independently in sweet or savory, it is in cocktails that it will flourish best. As the fragrance of the rose gently infuses your beverages, the deep color of the mallow will gradually spread, giving your creations a touch of power.

Comes in 5g glass jar
Keep in a dry and cool place, away from light