Raqib Shaw Postcard Set

The Raqib Shaw Postcard Set includes images of the artist's internationally renowned paintings, as featured in the Gardner Museum's exhibition Raqib Shaw: Ballads of East and West, including:
  • Ode to the Country without a Post Office
  • Ode to the Valley of Wonderment
  • Self Portraits in the Study at Packham, (A Reverie after Antonello de Messina's Saint Jerome) II
  • Self Portraits in the Study at Packham, (After Vincenzo Catena) Kashmir Version
  • That Night in Xanadu When the Birds Were Set Free
  • The Adoration (After Jan Goessaert)
  • The Annunciation - After Carlo Crivelli
  • When the Thing With Feathers Turned Red (After Tintoretto)

The postcard set was created exclusively for the Gardner Museum.

Set of 8 cards
Cards measure 5" x 7"