Dark & Spicy Elixirs Set

Create decadent cocktails with our 'dark and spicy' Herb Elixirs. Perfect for darker, heavier spirits!

You’ll enjoy handcrafted libations with this curated collection of 5 Herbal Elixirs - all-natural and handcrafted from real herbs with a touch of pure cane sugar, these make wonderful gifts for family and friends! 

Floral Elixir Co. has been handcrafting all-natural flower syrups for cocktails and sodas since 2009. Floral Elixirs are made from real flowers and botanicals; they have a lightly sweetened citrus balance, and jewel-like hues and add a modern twist to all libations. 

For home mixologists, cocktail aficionados, and floral enthusiasts, Floral Elixirs are perfect for entertaining and celebrating!

Tasting Notes

Green Cardamom – pure cane sugar, filtered water, organic green cardamom, organic cardamom extract, citric acid
Bay Leaf – pure cane sugar, filtered water, organic California bay leaves, organic bay leaf extract, citric acid
Warm Spice – pure cane sugar, filtered water, toasted orange peel, organic rose hips, cinnamon, clove, green cardamom, allspice, star anise, citric acid
Rose Hip – pure cane sugar, filtered water, hand-pressed organic rose hip juice, citric acid, hand-pressed hibiscus flower juice (for color)
Coriander – pure cane sugar, filtered water, organic crushed coriander, organic coriander extract, citric acid

5 2-ounce bottles (20 servings total)
Handmade in small batches by Floral Elixir Co. in Cleveland, Ohio