Guy Wolff Planter 36lbs

"Tradition is not a form to be imitated but the discipline that gives integrity to the new." - Robert Jay Wolff, Abstract Expressionist and father of the artist, 1949

These terra cotta pots designed specifically for the Gardner Museum showcase the many talents of the renowned American potter and terra cotta historian, Guy Wolff.  The pots in this collection feature designs inspired by the Gardner's unique combination of art and horticulture. For example, Wolff's working pot design features side handles, a detail Mrs. Gardner introduced specifically for her potted trees in the Courtyard.  Each pot here is adorned with a custom stamp derived from Isabella's personal bookplate. Guy Wolff was inspired by the collection here, and his attention to detail and reverence for his materials truly make his pots a special addition to our store.

Each pot is handmade and will have some variance. 

Guy Wolff Planters are available for pickup only and may not be returned. 

14 inches largest diameter 
13 inches depth
Terracotta with drainage hole
Made in Connecticut, USA