Paintings from Murano by Paolo Veronese

A new undertaking by Venetian Heritage and Bulgari for Venetian art offers the occasion to rediscover two paintings by Paolo Veronese, a great master of Venetian Renaissance art.

Two paintings by Paolo Veronese, Saint Jerome in the Desert and Saint Agatha in Prison, dating to 1566 and located in the church of San Pietro Martire in Murano, have been recently restored, together with their seventeenth-century gilded frames. Before the restoration, the paintings were in bad condition, very dark and scarcely readable, due to the application of varnishes that had oxidized over the years. The rich and unusual seventeenth-century frames, sculpted and gilded, were also in bad condition. Both works are relatively unknown because of their position in a lesser-known location and the poor condition they were in before the current restoration. The restoration has brought back to life the brilliant colors of the canvases and the vigorous gilded carvings of the frames, giving also the occasion to study their provenance and commission as well as their conservation history.

Written by Venetian Heritage
96 pages
Published by Rizzoli, 2018
6.5 x 8.7 inches