Turkish Coaster

The Iznik tiles of the second half of the sixteenth century are justly famous for their bright tomato-red color, which together with black, blue, turquoise, and green were painted in underglaze colors on the flawless white ground. This tile is unusual in several respects: it uses black in large amounts, the most important elements of the field have been quartered in the corners of the tile, and no other tiles from this panel have yet come to light. It is believed that this tile, now affixed in the Spanish Cloister of the Gardner Museum, was created as part of a large set for an unknown mosque or palace.

This coaster featuring the Turkish tile from the Spanish Cloister is sure to be a utilitarian touchstone for your experience at the Gardner.

Tile edges are weathered as part of the design.

Crafted from Italian marble and heat-resistant cork backing
4 x 4 inches
Made in the USA