"You Go Girl" Suffragette Tray

This tray features a photograph taken from the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, where a group of outspoken, intelligent women gathered for two days to discuss (well, demand) the betterment of women's lives. Historians point to Seneca Falls' Declaration of Sentiments (which demanded equal social status and legal rights for women; including the right to vote) as the kickoff of the women's rights movement worldwide. A portion of the Declaration of Sentiments is quoted in gold across the tray.

From Seneca Falls to a presidential nomination to this Museum itself, women have made enormous contributions to the world. 

The tray comes ready to gift in a complementary box.

Made of porcelain and gold
Measures 4 1/4 x 6 1/4 inches
Designed in the Seattle, manufactured in China
Hand-washing only