VLA Chains Wrap Necklace

The Very Large Array (VLA) is a premier astronomical radio observatory consisting of twenty-seven radio antennae in a Y-shaped configuration on the plains of San Agustin, New Mexico. The antennae intercept signals from the deepest expanse of space, measuring patterns of change as the earth rotates. Like a dream-catcher, these cosmic nets gather moments beyond our senses to reveal small truths from an infinite time and space; these nets serve as the inspiration for the VLA Chains Wrap Necklace.

Made with sustainable synthetic leather with silver chain and clasp
Measures 3"W tapering to 0.5" wide
Circumference measures 15"-20"

Note: The necklace stretches easily and its length can be adjusted. If you happen to overstretch just dampen it by spritzing a little water and arrange it back into its original shape and let it air dry overnight.