The Complete Etchings of Rembrandt: Reproduced in Original Size

Art lovers, scholars, students of etching, and anyone with an interest in Rembrandt and his work will find in this beautiful book a rare and exciting visual experience.

Rembrandt is revered not only as a painter, but as a supreme master of drawing and etching as well. His work in etching spanned most of his career and embraced the wide range of subjects he pursued in his painting: portraits, landscapes, biblical scenes, pictures with allegorical and mythological themes, and more. This comprehensive collection contains Rembrandt's complete etchings — over 300 works — shown in their original size. 

Among the etchings included are:
  • Self portrait drawing at a window (1648)
  • Abraham's sacrifice (1655)
  • Christ preaching ["The undered-guilder print"] (ca. 1643–49)
  • Christ crucified between the two thieves ["The three crosses"] (1653)
  • The return of the prodigal son (1636)
  • The three trees (1643)
  • Faust (ca. 1652)
  • Jan Six (1647)
  • The great Jewish bride (1635)
  • The strolling musicians (ca. 1635)
Collected by Gary D. Schwartz
224 pages
Published by Dover Publications, 1994
9 x 11.8 inches

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