Floral Elixir Cocktail Kit: Soda Lovers

This collection of five floral elixirs is specially curated especially for soda sommeliers!

Enjoy delightfully refreshing floral sodas that are all natural and guilt-free. Only 36 calories from pure cane sugar! Cheers!

Floral Elixir Co. has been handcrafting all-natural flower syrups for cocktails and sodas since 2009. Floral Elixirs are made from real flowers and botanicals; they have a lightly sweetened citrus balance, jewel-like hues and add a modern twist to all libations. 

For home mixologists, cocktail aficionados and floral enthusiasts, Floral Elixirs are perfect for entertaining and celebrating!

Tasting Notes

Cherry Blossom: Soft cherry blossom
Hibiscus: Refreshingly tart, berry-like
Lavender: English lavender with soft blueberries
Elderflower: Floral, creamy citrus
Orange Blossom: Bold, woody, citrus and orange notes

5 2 ounce bottles (20 servings total)
All natural
Handmade in small batches by Floral Elixir Co. in Cleveland, Ohio

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