John Singer Sargent: Figures and Landscapes, 1883-1899: The Complete Paintings, Volume V

In Volume 5 of this series, John Singer Sargent's artwork from 1883-1899 is catalogued. During this time period, Sargent's career ignited, and he painted many landscapes, figures, and floral studies of the en plein air style. Nearby trips to Henley, Calcot, and Fladbury, as well as more exotic trips to Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Spain, North Africa, and Italy increased Sargent's repertoire of imagery and inspirations. Additionally, Sargent's work for the Boston Public Library is also discussed. This book details Sargent's life during this period, and provides the material specifications for each painting and sketch, as well as the provenance, exhibit history, bibliography, and a short biography of the sitters of formal portraits.

Written by Richard Ormond and Elaine Kilmurray
392 pages
Published by Paul Mellon Centre BA, 2010 
10.25 x 12.75 inches

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