Red Currant & Cranberry Wax Sachets

These Red Currant and Cranberry Wax Sachets feature tart cranberries and splendid red currant; get festive and bright with the addition of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. Fragrance notes include cinnamon bark, nutmeg, plum, red clove, red currant, spicy rose, and tart cranberry. Botanicals melded with wax include birch cones, birch twigs, holly leaves, and pepper berries. Essential oils added include black currant, cinnamon bark, orange peel, and tangerine peel. 

Bring seasonal scents indoors with these graceful, hand poured sachets. Pretty enough to display, these botanical-infused sachets refresh your space and impart a delightful fragrance to your linens and clothes. The sachets can be hung in closets using the included vegan suede cord or placed in drawers.

Boxed set of two sachets
Sachets measure 2 x 4 inches
Made in the USA

Please note: To avoid direct contact with fabric, wrap sachets in tissues or a kerchief before placing in a drawer or closet. Please do not ingest and keep away from children and pets.