Purple Rainbow Small Telephone Wire Plate

Eve and Nico Gifts and Home Décor encourages the ongoing empowerment of African indigenous women by creating diverse markets for their goods.

The Purple Rainbow Small Telephone Wire Plate is a decorative plate, hand-woven out of telephone wire. The Wire Plate features Zulu work and is made from coils of telephone wire wrapped around a solid metal core, to define its shape. The infusion of bright color patterns gives the Purple Rainbow Small Telephone Wire Plate a modern twist. The production of the Plate requires keen attention to detail and hours of labor.

Though the Wire Plate can be used for multiple purposes, it is perfect for the office, as a catch-all for desk accessories, or by your bedside for jewelry. 

No two pieces are the same. As the designs may vary, each individual piece that much more unique.

Measures approximately 8.25 inches across by 1.6 inches tall
Wash gently with warm soapy water