A best seller in the 1880s, this self-proclaimed Manual of Mistakes & Improprieties more or less prevalent in Conduct & Speech has stood the test of time, proving to be just as relevant in the present day as it was in the past. This edition is now in its 15th reprint with some 150,000 copies sold. 

Readers can expect pearls of wisdom from this small volume such as:

Don't decorate your shirt front with egg or coffee deposits.

Don't forget to raise your hat to every lady acquaintance you meet.

And most importantly:

Don't fail to heed all the Don'ts in this little book.

Perhaps you think the injunctions are not needed in your care. This is true of many of them no doubt; but the rest of us are not perfect in manners any more than anything else.

112 pages
Published by Pryor Publications, 1982
4.13 x 5.31 inches