Pistachio Silk Dress with White Design

This Pistachio Silk Dress with Black Screen Design comes from the Brooklyn, New York studio of Laura Anderson Barbata. Born in Mexico City and based in New York, Laura Anderson Barbata was an Artist-in-Residence at the Gardner in 2016. During her residency, Barbata explored her passion for fabrics and textiles, producing a series of dresses, skirts, scarves, and necklaces inspired by the elaborate patterns seen on the walls of the Raphael Room and her project, Intervention: Raphael Red. 

The dress is made of a beautiful pistachio silk and features a complimenting black screen design evocative of the Raphael Room. Pair this statement dress with one of Barbata's tassel necklaces for a stunning outfit!

This design was crafted exclusively for the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Size: Petite: 38.5 inches long, 21.5 inches wide at hip
Materials: 100% silk
Made in Brooklyn, New York exclusively for the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum