Pink Forget Me Not Bracelet

Myosotis, more commonly known as Forget Me Not, has a rich history and storied symbolism behind its humble appearance. It grows an abundance of small blue flowers that are a symbol of remembrance of true and undying love. The common name "forget-me-not" was calqued from the German Vergissmeinnicht, and first used in English in 1398 AD vby King Henry IV. Many stories and myths surround the plant, including one about two lovers walking along the Danube River and seeing the bright blue blossoms for the first time. The man retrieves the flowers for the woman, but he was swept away by the river and tells his lover not to forget him as he floated away.

The Pink Forget Me Not Bracelet is cast in bronze with 24K gold accents. The flowers are pink cast glass.

Bracelet measures 6.5-7 inches in length