Mythical Diary: Sculptures from the Farnese Collection

Mythical Diary takes the form of an imaginary diary developed over many years. Through his luminous black-and-white photography, Luigi Spina takes readers on a visual journey through the classical sculpture of the Archaeological Museum of Naples, engaging us with the marble bodies of myth.

Spina disassembles the limbs of the sculptures, emphasizing their curves and hidden eroticism, humanizing them to establish a dialogue with the observer. He attempts to make classical sculpture interact with the viewer’s desire to be a part of the ancient world, a world with endless influence on Western life, culture, and society.

By Luigi Spina and Giovanni Fiorentino, with preface by Philippe Daverio
160 pages
Published by 5Continents, 2018
11.1 x 1 x 13.8 inches