My Art Book of Friendship

This book collects together paintings, photographs, drawings and sculptures by all-star artists from across the centuries and across the world - all in aid of celebrating the concept of friendship. Each of these simple concepts are illustrated with a beautiful (and beautifully chosen) work that will both expand a young reader's understanding of social set-ups and widen their aesthetic comprehension. There are classic photographs by such famed snappers as Gordon Parks, crisp canvases from contemporary art stars including Jonas Wood, familiar images from Keith Haring and Damien Hirst, as well as plenty less-well-known, though equally noteworthy, inclusions. A brief, tender, read-aloud text accompanies each work, and the work's title and artist's name are included as secondary references. Fostering good social skills and excellent taste, My Art Book of Friendship is the sort of book that is guaranteed to educate and inspire.

Ages 2-4

Written by Shana Gozansky
48 pages
Published by Phaidon, 2021
Board Book
6 x 7.6 inches