Mirror LED Illusion Lamp

The Museum's Little Salon epitomizes the internationalism of the Rococo, uniting French paintings, Italian furnishings, and German sculpture. The design of this Mirror Illusion Lamp is reminiscent of the pronounced elegance of the Little Salon with a contemporary twist.  

Bulbing is a fun and alluring 2D light by Tel-Aviv-based Studio Cheha. Laser engraved clear acrylic glass and hidden LED elements deceive the eye into thinking that there is a shade. Exercise your parietal lobe and save space with this truly unique design.

Design by Nir Josef Chehanowski
Acrylic frame, glass mirror, stand, wall hook, 64 inch black cord with dimmer included
Measures 12 inches in height, 8.25 inches in width, 1.8 inches in diameter (add 0.5 inches when in stand)

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