Meditations on Butterflies: A Coloring & Hand-Lettering Journal

Fly away from daily stresses while coloring and journaling, taking inspiration from the natural beauty of butterflies.

Author Kristen D’Angelo and artist/author Maryjo Koch have created the ultimate inspirational gift book. Meditations on Butterflies features 26 stunning North American butterfly species, from the Monarch to the Painted Lady to the Tiger Swallowtail and more, for coloring book fans to color and complete. Readers will learn the butterflies’ beautiful winged markings, practice simple calligraphy, and enjoy calming nature quotes. Pages also guide readers to adorn each page with butterfly and garden observations, daily gratitude, and encouraging notes. Fifty-two additional lined pages are included (between the color plates) for weekly journaling. 

Meditations on Butterflies features removable, perforated pages. Each finished color plate can be detached from the book and framed as personal artwork. The thick, matte, acid-free paper is archival quality and perfect for colored pencils and inks. 

By Kristen D’Angelo and Maryjo Koch
112 pages
Published by Girl Friday Books, 2022
8.5 x 1 x 11 inches