Virgin & Child Small Journal

Our Virgin and Child Journal features a close-up of Mary and infant Christ from Simone Martini's Virgin and Child over Saints. Holding his mother’s thumb, the infant Christ balances in the crook of her arm, resting his toes in her right hand. His costly garments complement hers. Both wear blue robes trimmed in gold and bear emblems of their identities. The gold star on the Virgin’s shoulder evokes her role as “guiding star,” an identity embraced by the followers of Saint Dominic called Dominicans. The eagle on the left arm of Christ’s thin white chemise, an emblem of the Italian city of Orvieto, suggests that Simone Martini made this small devotional painting for a member of the city’s leading family, probably the Dominican nun depicted in prayer at the bottom right.

The journal's verso features the piece's tombstone information as well as the Gardner's exhibition title Medal of Honor: Gold From Simone Martini to Contemporary Artists.

Measures 6 x 4.5 inches
100 pages
Made in the USA