Lasting Impressions: Art, Symbolism & History

From their own extensive collection of hundreds of gravestone rubbings and photographs, the author and the illustrator--a mother/daughter team--have carefully compiled an exceptionally beautiful book concentrating on the art, symbolism, and history found in graveyards and cemeteries. An extensive index illustrating the symbolism carved on gravestones, information about how to properly rub a gravestone, important conservation and preservation notes, and a comprehensive study guide for educators make Lasting Impressions an important resource book for anyone interested in learning more about American gravestone carving of the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries. Each book section decodes the iconology found on New England gravestones, and in other locations such as Lewes, Delaware; Charleston, South Carolina; Key West and the west coast Florida. Even the history of New Orleans cemeteries with its so-called “Cities of the Dead” has its place in this presentation.

By Paulette and Cassandra Davidson Chernack
184 pages
Published by Peter E. Randall, 2016