Honey Rose Botanical Soap Bar

Wildflowers sway lightly, as warm summer winds idle through the valley. Bees flit from flower to flower, fulfilling an eternal unspoken partnership. Petals open, nectar glistens. Pollination. Propagation. Life. Embraced by the sun above, cradled by the earth, we celebrate this life with which we have been gifted. We smile, eyes closed, content in the honey scented moment.

A delightfully sweet soap, this pink and yellow classic is pleasing to the eye and to the skin. Honey, beeswax and wild rose infused organic oils & butters underlie this natural, whimsical nod to the meadow.

The scent is accessible yet nuanced. Lavender. Bergamot. Ylang Ylang. The honey smooth bouquet matches the soap; distinctive, elegant, and as pleasing as a warm hug on a summer day. Wonderfully scrumptious, this is one of our most popular soaps.

Measures~5.6 ounces
All-natural ingredients including color and scent
Made in Canada and produced in a solar-powered facility