Gold Gate of Hades Key Necklace

When you use the Gate of Hades Key Amulet, you can unlock your own hidden power and stores of knowledge to help you reach your full potential. The Gate of Hades Key naturally opens the gates to the Underworld, but also serves as a symbol of authority, truth, justice and freedom, and the mysteries that can never be solved (and perhaps shouldn’t be).

This gold vermeil Gate of Hades Key Amulet Necklace will give you authority and power, help unlock enlightenment to liberate you, and cover you in an aura of mystery.

The chain and amulet are made of 14k yellow gold vermeil (thick 3 micron coat of 14k yellow gold on solid sterling silver base)
Black enamel used for the snakes eyes
Chain measures 16"-18"
Amulet length measures 1.29"
Amulet thickness measures 0.17"