Florentia Fold-Over Card Box Set Large

Mrs. Gardner was an avid letter writer and exchanged correspondence regularly with friends and family members. 

This handmade, beautifully styled box set will inspire you to write letters just like Mrs. Gardner! This box set features classic cream colored writing paper from Italy that is just Mrs. Gardner's style: a traditional Florentine design of brilliant red, turquoise, purple and gold dazzle this colorful paper, liberally dusted with gold accents. This portfolio is truly a festival for the eyes.

Each box set includes 10 elegant cards bordered in the distinctive Florentine pattern with 10 equally ornate matching envelopes, as well as a matching box with a canvas finish laminated film to ensure resistance and durability. Perfect for a brief thank you note or note of greeting.

10 cards, 10 envelopes
Cards: 6.61 x 4.41 inches
Envelopes: 6.88 x 4.72 inches
Please note: Cards are blank and fold over the top edge.
Made in Italy