Emily Dickinson Deluxe Notecard Set

Write as if from the desk of Emily Dickinson with this deluxe note card set, housed in a finely crafted keepsake book box.

Emily Dickinson is the author of an astonishing collection of almost 1800 poems, though only a handful were published during her lifetime. Often considered one of the most important American poets of the nineteenth century, she is known for her beautiful and abstract musings on love, death, nature, spirituality, and identity.

Now readers can celebrate their love of Emily with this finely crafted deluxe note card set. Designed to look like a vintage book of poetry, this collectible set gives Dickinson fans a unique way to celebrate the words and legacy of their favorite poet.

Keepsake box measurements: 6.4 x 8.6 x 1.7 inches
20 blank note cards featuring classic Dickinson quotes
20 envelopes and embossed gold sticker seals
A ruled pocket journal