Chariot of Venus Face Mask

Painter to King Louis XV, François Boucher defined artistic tastes at the French court. He is best known for mythological paintings like this one, the compositions of which reached audiences far and wide through tapestry, porcelain, and print.

Gardner purchased this painting from Wildenstein and Co., venerable dealers of French art. She paid a fraction of the price of her most expensive Italian paintings. Gardner collected few Rococo works; perhaps she sought to fill the void in her collection with this one. It was installed in the Little Salon by 1912, along with a second painting of similar style and an embroidery made from Boucher’s designs, an apparent homage to the French master.

Double layer cotton/poly blend
Comfortable ear loops
Hand washable & Reusable

Made in USA

This is not a substitute for surgical or N95 masks. Due to the personal nature of this product, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.