Blackbird 12-Piece Chocolate Tin

Indulge in the luxurious and delectable world of Louis Sherry Chocolates with the exquisite Blackbird by John Derian. This artful collectible tin is a true masterpiece, featuring a whimsical design created by renowned artist John Derian himself. A truly delightful gift for anyone to indulge in the pleasure of fine chocolate and appreciation for design.

In 1881, Louis Sherry introduced the French chocolate-making tradition to New York and quickly established a reputation for excellence. Sherry's dedication to quality is present today in every truffle. Each confection is made with the highest quality ingredients, ethically sourced from Ecuador to Madagascar to the Caribbean coast of Venezuela. In celebration of the chocolatier's heritage, each array of chocolates is packaged in the traditional Sherry's tin, a recast of the original, now more than 100 years old.

Tin measures 4" x 6.3" x 1.75"