Bamboo Incense Gift Set

This is a gift package set of traditional design and modern shape includes one package of Bamboo leaf (Sweet Green Tea fragrance) incense and one Japanese art painted ceramic plate.

Yume-no-Yume (translated as "The Dream of Dreams"), is a contemporary Japanese incense combined with beautiful Japanese art design. Yume-no-Yume has a subtle, yet full bodied Japanese fragrance. In Japan, the flow of one season to the next is very subtle, which is why the premonition of the coming season is a very important theme in literature and paintings. This soothing incense is created especially to evoke pleasant dreams and to remind us of long forgotten memories.


7.44 x 1.19 x 5.81 inches
12 incense sticks with Japanese style ceramic plate
Each sticks burns about 20 minutes
Key notes: Green Tea, Yuzu Citrus, Lemon Flower

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