Mona Higuchi: Bamboo Echoes

Born of Japanese and Korean descent, Mona Higuchi is an American artist whose work speaks quietly of dislocation, identity and history.

Her 1996 exhibition, Bamboo Echoes: A New Work by Mona Higuchi Dedicated to the Comfort Woman, blended Higuchi's research on both Isabella Stewart Gardner's Second Chinese Room, which was dismantled in the 1970s, and the Korean Comfort Woman who were forced by the Japanese army into sexual slavery during World War II. The installation drew its viewers in to the gallery through a narrow doorway of form, shape and light. Once there, they began a quiet journey as silent histories were revealed.

This catalog documents Higuchi's work and poignant installation. It includes texts by curator Jill Medvedow and Alice Yun Hai, a leading expert on the history of the Comfort Women.

Organized by Jill S. Medvedow
26 pages
Published by the Trustees of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, 1996
8.5 x 7.5 inches