Whistler's Picks

The Living Room in the new wing of our Museum was conceived by artist Lee Mingwei as a space to connect and share stories. As part of his design, he envisioned a live canary filling the space with warmth and music. That canary is named Whistler, after Gardner's long-time friend and artist James McNeill Whistler. 

This collection of gifts was selected by our feisty yellow "Bird-in-Residence", as we like to call him. Whistler is a visitor-favorite, and known as a canary with impeccable taste, and also a bit of an ego. (But can you blame him? He's adorable.) Follow him on Instagram @whistler_isgm!

We asked Whistler to comment on what inspired his picks, and here's what he had to say:

"As you may already be aware, I only approve the best simply because I am the best! I love my home here at the Gardner and hope you enjoy a little piece to take back to your own nest."