Verdigris Tulip Earrings

The name verdigris originates from vert-de-grèce, or “green of Greece.” We Dream in Colour's verdigris patina ranges are handcrafted from pure copper and brass in the USA. Colored by hand using a saltwater solution, each piece will vary slightly in
hue and intensity. Sealed with a clear shellac for longevity, the patina will grow and
deepen with time and use, making each piece unique.

Handmade in the USA from materials that develop rich natural patinas, We Dream in Colour styles blend modern and vintage elements. The pieces are eclectic, surprising, and fashioned to stand out from the crowd—ensuring the wearer sparkles from season to season.

We Dream in Colour aims to create inspiring jewelry in a socially conscious fashion with minimal environmental impact. 

Measures 1.75 inches in length
Cast from recycled brass
Nickel free