Saint Michael Archangel Ornament

Saint Michael Archangel
about 1470
Pedo Garcia de Benabarre, Spanish, active Catalonia, 1455—1480

The archangel Michael, wearing a suit of studded armor, sits on a throne backed by an elaborate blue and gold brocade. In this painting, Michael simultaneously enacts his two principal roles: weigher of souls on Judgment Day and destroyer of Satan. On the left an angel embraces a soul, while on the right, Satan appears as a fantastic two-faced monster ready to capture another soul. Michael positions his lance over the monster. This painting was originally a side panel of a large altarpiece dedicated to John the Baptist, installed in the church of Sant Joan del Mercat in Lleida, Catalonia.

A victorious moment in Saint Michael's battle with Satan is captured in this gold and silver ornament. This intricately winged angel is sure to remind you of the many angels and angelic figures you may have seen in Mrs. Gardner's collection.

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