Gravestone Rubbing Kit

Isabella Stewart Gardner's collection contains several objects relating to graves; there's the alabaster Tomb Figure of a Knight from early 16th century Spain, the 15th century Persian Fragment of a Tombstone made of limestone, the Courtyard's Roman Cinerarium or Grave Altar, and the photograph of the Grave of Charlotte Prichard in one of the Museum's many display cases. 

This Old Stone Rubbing Kit offers a “hands-on” approach to learning about significant historic events through the art of gravestone rubbing. Each Old Stone Rubbing Kit contains:
  • 5 sheets of “Aqaba” rubbing paper measuring 27 x 36 inches
  • Two 1/8 lb, cupcake shaped high quality, deeply pigmented rubbing waxes; one black wax and one rust wax
  • Special masking tape
  • One soft natural bristle brush for cleaning debris from the stones and markers
  • A colorful 16-page gravestone rubbing guide, well illustrated with rubbings and photographs, including suggestions for creating you own beautiful craft projects

Made in the USA
Please note that Kit users should consult local rules and regulations to make sure grave rubbings are permitted.