Garden Saints Boxed Notecards

Conservator and icon painter Olga Volchkova fuses her dual loves, iconography and botany, in The Garden Saints. The artist’s paintings reflect her roots in Tver, Russia, her hometown, where she studied icon painting and restoration. With such a deep knowledge, Volchkova has successfully created her own icons that respect the historical approach while centering on the natural wonder of plants and their spiritual allure. Her paintings integrate both personal experiences and thorough research into the plants she finds fascinating, telling stories through their imagery.

To create these works, Volchkova uses modern boards and acrylics but maintains tradition by cooking her own gesso and scratching in her drawings. This, she says, allows the underlying structure of her painting to remain if its paint fades with time—a favor for future generations of like-minded restorers.

Contains 5 each of the following notecards: 

  • Saint Cyani
  • Saint Tea and Saint Lemon
  • Saint Passion Flower
  • Saint Saffron
5 x 7 inches
20 blank notecards (5 each of 4 designs) with envelopes
Includes a decorative box
Printed on recycled paper