Set of Four Blue Glasses Hestia

Add some ancient Greek architecture to your home with these soda lime glasses from Barcelona-based designers DOIY. Unlike any other textured or shaped stacking glasses, this set of four is entirely unique in the fact that they stack together to form a towering Greek column. When you're not sipping your favorite cocktail from these sharing glasses, they decoratively stand out on any shelf when not in use - in an eye catching azure blue. 

The Hestia Collection from DOIY includes beautifully crafted pieces for entertaining and everyday use in the home. The name comes from Hestia, who was the ancient Greek goddess of the home, domesticity and family. Her name literally means the household, house or family, making it the perfect name for this collection of pieces to bring people together. 

Set of 4 blue glasses in Hestia box, as pictured
Made of soda lime glass
5.91 inches in length, 8.07 inches in width, 8.07 inches in height
Freezer, food, and dishwasher safe