Chocolate Chip Shortbread Biscuits

Irresistible shortbread biscuits with satisfyingly rich dark chocolate chunks, using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure a delicious flavor and light, crisp, velvety texture.

Based in Edinburgh, the Shortbread House was started by Anna Wilson using her mother's recipes and has since become a premier brand of shortbread throughout the British Isles. Its buttery, nutty flavor and crunchy yet delicate texture are seldom found except in only the finest homemade shortbread. Now partnering with Sara Miller London - the enchanting lifestyle brand who celebrates a love of playful prints, vibrant patterns, and exquisite use of color - this beautiful tin, featuring a decorative hummingbird among exquisite oriental flowers, is enhanced with luxurious gold details and makes a perfect gift.

Approximately 10 biscuits per tin.