Bird Cage LED Illusion Lamp

Because of the deep impact The Living Room exhibition had on the museum in 2000, Gardner Museum Artist-in-Residence Lee Mingwei was invited back to collaborate on Gardner Museum’s new building project and to help design a room inspired by his project. Part of this design included an actual living component of the room: a canary named Whistler after Gardner's long-time friend and artist James McNeill Whistler. The bird in the LED illusion lamp reminds us of our favorite canary (minus Whistler's beautiful songs)!

Bulbing is a fun and alluring 2D light by Tel-Aviv-based Studio Cheha. Laser engraved clear acrylic glass and hidden LED elements deceive the eye into thinking that there is a shade. Exercise your parietal lobe and save space with this truly unique design.

Made of birch plywood, acrylic glass, and LED light
Measures 9 inches in height, 6 inches in width