The Library of Great Masters: Filippo Lippi

Fra Filippo Lippi was an eccentric artist, whose behavior was disreputable and dishonored the monk's habit that he had worn ever since he was little more than a child. Lippi quarreled with clients and workshop assistants, was constantly in trouble for being late in delivering his paintings, and was threatened with excommunication several times. Filippo Lippi examines the life of this controversial figure, citing the opinions of his contemporaries and patrons, such as Cosimo de Medici. The critical appraisal of Fra Filippo is discussed at length, followed by an examination of his works, including his great fresco cycles in Prato and Spoleto, and the influence on his work of Flemish Art.

By Gloria Fossi
80 pages
Published by Riverside Book Company, 1989
8.5 x 11 inches