Wildsam Field Guides: Boston

Wildsam Field Guides: Boston leads travelers through an authentic experience of a city that is America's engine of innovation, the Revolution's hometown and a great place for a beer and a ballgame. With trusted locals leading the way, our guide goes deep on Irish bars, academic brilliance, Paul Revere and immigrant history—but also explores the vibrant, diverse and fast-changing city of today. Contributors include novelist Sam Graham-Felsen, hip-hop journalist and historian Dart Adams, poet Frankie Concepcion, wine expert Suhayl Ramierez and restaurant owner Tony Barros. Visit the Cradle of Liberty with these carefully selected recommendations for the most authentic Bostonian experiences, including:

  • Where to find the best Boston Cream Pie
  • An illustrated map of Irish bars and seafood spots
  • A compendium of Bostonian reading and a cinematic tour of Boston
  • An almanac of archival excerpts, timelines, clippings and other historical musings
  • A curated playlist to give your visit a Bostonian soundtrack
  • Must-visit museums, music venues, shops, restaurants, and sites.

Edited by Taylor Bruce, Illustrated by Julia Emiliani
200 pages
Published by Arcadia Publishing
4.2 x 6.5 inches