1700–1800 highlights the one hundred most beautiful and remarkable objects from the Rijksmuseum’s eighteenth-century collection. That this era can be regarded as the most European in Dutch (art) history is clear from these works of art. International artists such as Jean Etienne Liotard, Jan Baptist Xavery, Matthijs Horrix and Johannes Schiotling created a furore in the Dutch Republic with their extraordinary paintings, decorative sculptures, refined furniture and luxurious silver and gold showpieces. These works are exhibited alongside Dutch versions of the Rococo, contemporary paintings by Cornelis Troost and Adriaan de Lelie, among others, and highlights from the art centers of Paris and Rome. Together, they showcase the richness and brilliance of eighteenth-century Europe.

Written by Reinier Raarsen, Dirk Jan Biemond, Duncan Bull
272 pages
Published by Nai010 Publishers
9 x 6 inches